A polygraph machine drawing lines on graph paper.

Trading Intro

Our approach to trading - and what we believe is the best way to approach trading - is as a business. Just as building a successful business demands a disciplined, steady approach, so too does…

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A sheet of paper lists several business transactions.

A Trading Perspective

The key to successful trading lies not in specific indicators, but rather in when, how, and where they are used. Indicators are nothing more than tools... and no single tool will accomplish every…

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A digital stock exchange panel lists several stocks along with related metrics.

Trading with Cycles

As this site attempts to convey, there is an undeniable cyclicality to life… and to the markets… and to the economy… and to droughts & floods… and to geopolitical struggles… and to earthquakes &…

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An old-fashioned roman numeral clock with the hour hand lying between 9 and 10.

Cycles Intro

In order to prevent a misunderstanding of cycles – or at least our approach to cycle analysis – it is good to start out with a quick summation of what cycles are NOT... They are NOT perfect. They are…

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