Joseph C.

Congratulations on your market call. I was with you in 2000 when your started off in Jan. and nailed the top in the Dow. I remember the ND top you called in March 2000. I was there for the prediction of the recent rally which started in late 2002... Thanks for all the opportunities you’ve spotted over the past 8 years... Thanks for the inspiration.

N. H.

...look forward to receiving your service which, having subscribed for very many years now, I find absolutely second to none.


I'm definitely renewing my subscription... Thanks again for such a fascinating and rewarding service.

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Excellent analysis... Thank you.

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...columnist for referred... and gave your website credit for the analysis.

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I am an active trader, and value your insight as reflected by my long-standing subscription…keep up the good work, as it is of great benefit to myself and, I am sure many, others.

D. M.

I am an active trader, and value your insight as reflected by my long-standing subscription... keep up the good work, as it is of great benefit to myself and, I am sure many, others.

Ralph I.

Thank you again for your really excellent work year-round and especially for your often compelling special studies, such as 'The Grand Illusion II'...

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I have been a loyal customer of yours for over ten years. I have been delighted by your insight, wisdom and prescient market calls.

Karen S. have me hooked. I absolutely love getting your newsletters and reading your research on both financial markets and the earth and its population's activities.

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Thank you so much... Your business seems to be built on the values of integrity and excellence, and I count myself lucky... nothing can replace the tremendous insight that you display...

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...First, 'The Grand Illusion' is one of your best pieces of work to date in my opinion. A real tour de force. The way you extract and apply Biblical information is unique—as far as I know, no one else has your perspective. I look forward to many more installments. I've been a subscriber now since just before you forecast and pinpointed the top in the stock indices in 2000. Then you caught the bottom of 2002.
Your command of the big picture is unrivaled. I sometimes wonder who the man is behind all this accurate work which is often absolutely contrary to that of the pundits and news media. Your work is so valuable to me that I wonder how I would replace it if it were no longer available. Thanks for helping me greatly over these past 7 (or so) years.

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...I am highly impressed with the forecasts that you have laid out.

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...Let me first say that yours is the most accurate service I have found. Another thing I appreciate is your caring that your readers really understand what is going on. You educate rather than trying to build some awe inspiring mystique about what you do. When you are consistently right, people will instinctively want to hear what you have to say even if they know your system.

Joe C.

I've been a subscriber now since just before you forecast and pinpointed the top in the stock indices in 2000. Then you caught the bottom in 2002. Your command of the big picture is unrivaled...

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...As always, your research and conclusions are intelligent and insightful...keep up the good work!

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...Intriguing stuff! Your analysis of cycles amazes me.

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...Your letters give a profound perspective. Thank you again for your generosity and the good work you do.

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...You are one of the best of the best at what you do. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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...For the past two months you have called for an 'up' have narrowed the top to November 6th -10th.

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...These tech tip review are very helpful and appreciated.

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...I just wanted to say how great the analysis of the markets has been especially in a distorted and complex time frame we are experiencing. Other analysts, and I subscribe to a few others, have been good, but not as accurate and timely as your work and expertise has shown...

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...Great call on when you turned bullish in the summer when everyone else is calling for a 4 year cycle low during this time.

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...Great call on Natural Gas going sub $5.00 in September. Very good work.

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...I am the author of 'All About Market Timing'. I plan on completely revising the book in the next twelve months, where I will have the opportunity to include a handful of exceptional timing services like yours.

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...Thank you for taking the time to clarify things...Your email really helped...Natural gas continues to astound me to be honest. I have never seen a market fall so hard for so long! I had wondered with your timing whether the expiry of the October contract may mark a bottom...

Ernie Q.

...I have been a subscriber to your various publications on and off for many years. Some months ago you projected a 'cycle progression' of the four year cycle that indicated a high in early November was probable. You are the only market letter writer that I am aware of that indicated the four year cycle had the probability of making a high and not a low during 2006...

Nicky H.

...I have just read the Weekly Re-Lay which as ever is excellent. Natural gas... You have been so accurate with your analysis. With many thanks for your great work...

Don G.

...everybody 'KNEW' that the 4 yr cycle low is supposedly due in this time frame, & [well-known advisor] kept stating that a 3rd wave down was about to start, & [well-known advisor #2] kept posting for a crash like in '87, & past cycles for 2nd term sitting Presidents also showed the 2nd yr had the most downside potential.
Here you are, against all these big wigs & analysis, going against this main train of thought. I should have learned from late '02, when you called for the bottom... keep up your excellent work, & keep doing what you have in the past!!!!

D. D.

...A natural gas low coming up... Hadik nailed this current slide despite the strong rally in June; he called the OIL top as well BEFORE it happened. He called for 80-81 zone on exact dates of the top...

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I received your Tech Tips and special reports... let me say I really enjoy them... cycles to be so accurate and your ideas have already helped me... dates you have picked for reversals...

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...amazed both at some of the cycle predictions you have made and your intimate familiarity with the Jewish calendar...

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...I have listened to many business talk shows on the radio, and have also followed some published material by market timers. There is a lot of ambiguousness in their forecasts. On the other hand, I noticed that you make concrete projections (well) in advance, such as your forecasts for the period of July 17-21, in which you projected a top for gold/oil and a bottom for the stock market. I was curious as to what the major difference(s) are that enable you to make more definitive and in-advance projections.

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You da mann!.

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...kudos on excellent, systematic work.

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I have been a subscriber for 6 years, and have been privy to your first rate, original, objective work, including your engrossing large cycle and biblical work. But your recent call for the sharp market decline takes the cake. To most, such a move was unthinkable, especially after that breakout through 1310, which failed miserably. I know you don’t need it, but kudos on excellent, systematic work.

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I trade gold, XAU-Hui and mainly the NDX-Q’s. Did the coffee trade recently on your recommendation and made a few coins, which was good... Absolutely love your monthly newsletters!!!!... So indepth, so eye opening... so prophetic...

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...Beautiful work Eric. Outstanding! Nice calls in the stock indices and the metals.

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Whilst writing I would just like to say how invaluable your newsletters are - having subscribed for many years now I would not be without them!

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