Ike Iossif – Marketviews.tv Interview

You have called every major zig and zag of the market with astounding and astonishing accuracy.

Jeff W.

Hadik has been fantastic...

John S.

...love your work.

Mike C.

Thanks Eric. This was a helpful, informative interim report... Keep up the good work.

Jean L.

Thanks... for the amazing service you provide, the best I have seen so far.

Ron T.

Thank you for your great analysis!

Jim W.

I have really enjoyed reading your Focus 5768 information. You have put a tremendous amount of work and study into these writings, and I commend you for it.

Hrishi K.

I have been listening to Eric Hadik's podcasts on Marketviews.tv and am amazed at the accuracy of his work.

Mike C.

In today's day and age, it truly is a pleasure working with individuals like yourself who sincerely cares about their clients. We value your work very much. Thank you again.

Hidemi A.

Amazing short-term prediction on the V pattern today. Congratulations.

George F.

My sincere thanks...The material covered in your letter is so important to understand...


I just want to thank you - one more time - for your updates; they have been extremely helpful, insightful, and timely.

Ike Iossif – Marketviews.tv Interview

Eric, I want to give you big kudos. The last time we spoke you were expecting a market top around April 19th, we got that. Then you were looking at a decline into around May 5th, we got that. Then another bounce into May 14th, we got that. Congratulations.

Kent A.

Listening to Hadik's interviews... helped me realize the top in 2007.

Kent A.

Listening to Hadik's interviews... helped me realize the top in 2007. Thank you very much.

William K.

Your May report hit it out of the ballpark.

Eric B.

Nice, Eric!

David G.

You were great in the thick of the '08 meltdown. I'm counting on you for a repeat performance now.

Rick K.

Wow, that was a call!...surprise how fast it dropped. (Re: Analysis for sharp decline from April 26--May 5/6.)

Steve E.

I was bragging about you calling the top on the equity market a couple of years ago...Thanks Eric. Keep up the great work!

James R.

Thank you so much for all your great analysis...the Dow came within 15 points of your target area--a fine analysis.

Ike Iossif – Marketviews.tv Interview

Once again, I want to congratulate you. You called the bottom pretty much to the date in February and the market has kept going up ever since.

J. R.

I thought I would e-mail you again just to let you know how much I am appreciating your work. I am following your e-mails with great interest and will be fascinated to see if the Dow peaks this coming week...it will be fascinating to see the cycles at play...

John & J. G.

Your information on world cycles is of special interest...thank you for releasing 'your gift' that culminates in an extreme measured effort on your part, to bring wisdom, knowledge, and defined understanding...

Phil W.

Your service is one of the best ever...

Charles M.

...your cycle predictions are outstanding.

George B.

...thanks again for your spectacular insight to cyclical events outside of the markets. Cycles are a big part of our lives and it is great to have a perspective on these events, with time attached to them, from someone as dedicated to this science as you are. I appreciate you exploiting your gift and sharing it with us as consistently as you do.

Ike Iossif – Marketviews.tv Interview

I’m really impressed to tell you the truth. In both your February and March newsletters, you talked extensively about earth disturbances. In fact, in the March newsletter, the first 6--6 1/2 pages were dedicated to that subject. I got the letter on Friday night, and low and behold, the next day in Chile we had a devastating earthquake. I got to tell you I was absolutely blown away.

Ike Iossif – Marketviews.tv Interview

Once again, I have been very, very impressed with your market timing calls. The last time we spoke you were expecting a market bottom some time between Feb. 1st and Feb. 5th. We got the bottom right on time on Feb. 5th and we have been going up ever since.

G. M. B.

Thanks again for all of your insight and accuracy with the markets. Your guidance has assisted me in staying ahead of these intense and history making events that we are experiencing currently.

M. J. M.

Thanks for your great calls.

Lawrence F.

Kudos, Eric on your forecasts for Stock Indices, Gold & Silver and Interest Rates...as always - great work!

Grant J.

I admire the work you have done in market cycles.

Bruce B.

You're the best.

Karen S.

I've been your subscriber for a long time now... And I'm sure glad...Otherwise, I would have lost my entire savings for retirement!

Marco C.

...Mr. Hadik has proven himself well over the last number of years.

J. R.

I think your work is excellent Eric and follow your predictions for the DJIA with great interest. You wrote recently of 10,660--10,683 as an interim peak in Jan. to be followed by a final advance to at least 10,800 by March/April 2010. You appear to be very accurate at the moment... Please keep up your enthusiasm and good work.

Eric B.

I value your extraordinary cycle work...

Ted W.

Your December 2009 issue strikes us with the sense of such importance...Your analysis and the implications of same deserve consideration by any serious investors and thinkers in general. We feel an urgency about communicating your very probing analysis...we have been consistent subscribers for a few decades and respect your insights immeasurably.

Louis F.

I find your generosity, compassion and great intention to be extraordinary in the investment publication business and I am grateful...I want to be sure you understand my gratitude...for the great effort and insight you provide in your analysis and writings.

Steven S.

Many thanks for your incredible work...on behalf of those of us who are intermediate term futures speculators, thank you for continuing to monitor promising entry points on the long side of this powerful commodity.

J. L. S.

...congratulations on your exquisite, cyclical timing.

Lee A.

You have been amazingly accurate.

Daniel B.

Your work is extremely professional and rare in the market place.

Nic D.

Once again your market calls have been impressive.

Mike W.

Congratulations on your market bottom call in early-March!

Mike W.

Congratulations on your market bottom call in early-March!

Joe C.

...10 years I've been with you and you still rank as #1 in market forecasters...I know no one better.

Thomas R.

Nice call for a turnaround on the 6th!!

Gary D.

I wanted to thank you for information on March 6, 2009 being the low of the stock market before it takes off.