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I would like to thank you for your work you do for me.  Your cycle work in my opinion is amazing and accurate.  It always amazes me to see how things are connected to past events.

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I have enjoyed following your analysis very much and needless to say, I am very impressed. So, thank you for your amazing work. All the best.

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Awesome analysis Eric…just incredible…. I want to compliment you on the quality of your analysis….

P. W.

Congratulations on a great market call on Gold

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All I can say is 'WOW!' …I managed to hold on to some buys during the frightening drop, and it turned out that your cycles have been dead-on…brilliant analysis.

M.F.B. – Ph.D.

…[your work] is uncannily accurate, almost unbelievable.

P. W.

...excellent market calls. Your forecast for a Q-3 top, a drop to November 16th, a rally to early December were all on target.

George B.

...phenomenal work...No one else is as accurate as you have become.

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...absolutely great stock market calls.

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The Euro call was especially remarkable.

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...I love your advisory services. You are undeniably the most accurate and informative...

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Congratulations on your metals call. That was impressive...

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Thanks and let me congratulate you on your extremely accurate projections on the market over the past year; truly exceptional.

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Thank you for the continued, excellent one-of-a-kind work!

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Fyi, I've been amazed by your accuracy. Even with all the volatility last year and overall sideways trading for most asset classes I was able to make over xx% in my brokerage account using long and short etfs while following your cycle turns.

George K.

Euro low to the tick... kudos.

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Your work is EXCELLENT.

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...I've been absolutely astounded by Eric's work...Thank you for your stellar work.

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Thank you for your continued excellent service.

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Very impressive work at this tremulous time! Highest Regards.

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All I know to say is 'thank you' so much for the past 7 years. I'm so thankful for your service...Your service is fantastic...I have used the stock index updates to trade my 401K...You do a great job...

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I think you do some fantastic work and offer one of the best letters.

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...stock reporting was very clear and to the point. We find it most helpful.

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I continue to be mesmerized by your work on Middle East cycles.

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Thank you for your extremely interesting reports!... Best regards and please continue your perfectly excellent work.

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...you guys are #1 - the Best in the business!!!, 'Congratulation' Thanks again INSIIDE Track Team.

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Your analysis in Gold and Stocks over the past months has been excellent.

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I find your analysis of the market one of the best!

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Thank you for your excellent service...

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Congratulations on predicting the US indices so well in the last year or more. I have been subscribing since November 2009 and follow all your work with great interest.

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Excellent service. Thanks for your work.

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Great work on your recent trading ideas. I very much appreciate your continuing outstanding analysis of the markets.

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Awesome call on Silver...

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...you are still successful at calling market turns and geographic occurences.

Bobby R.

...you had predicted events, and a time frame, that led to the collapse of the US markets in 2008.

Bobby R.

...your other cycle predictions (earthquakes, political disturbances in the Middle East, etc.) have been so accurate... you had predicted events, and a time frame, that led to the collapse of the US markets in 2008. Are you seeing something similar in your work right now?... I am thankful I have your letters to guide me in the right direction... Thanks tones for all that you do.

Chris C.

Reviewing again your last (INSIIDE) Track, item 3 pegged the Egyptian circumstance several weeks ahead of time... your cycle work has done well at oodles of seemingly unrelated things... I can't thank you enough for the work your have done and are doing, it really has been a value to me, and changing my perceptions of what I see and how I see then on a daily basis. And, I should also thank (xxxxx) who recommended you during his class as the 'only' investment writer worth following.


Thanks again for your insight on a wide range of cycles, especially in the coming 6 to ten years from now... please indicate when that renewal is due, so that I can continue my 12th year with you and your gift of such unique perspective of our world and the repetition of cyclical events.

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Incredible call Eric. Excellent work.

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...since September 2010 (when you correctly called for a significant rally), there has been absolutely no decent pullback...

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I will be renewing the Weekly Re-Lay for 1 year @ $891. I look forward to your publications, like a kid waiting to open his presents on Christmas morning.

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Amazing call on Sugar. Kudos.

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I have been a subscriber for a couple of years... Thank you for your wisdom. It has proven to be very helpful.

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I have been trading for 25 years and have spent most of my time studying Elliott Wave, Fibonacci and W.D. Gann. At the present time, one could call me a pattern recognition swing trader who uses your letters for timing. They are excellent! Thank you for all of the time, effort, and work that you so obviously put into them.

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I have followed your work over the last few years and am very impressed...

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Once again you called a trend change to the day. Thank you for sharing your work!

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...your forecasts have been ON TARGET for so many weeks. Reading what you wrote has been like reading next week's newspaper! Thank you.

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