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Eric Hadik’s Tech Tip Reference Library is a 100-page trading manual, focusing on powerful indicators and axioms, including Hadik’s unique and proprietary Cycle Progression tool. Intended to educate and equip traders, the Tech Tip Reference Library strives to arm traders with proven and time-tested techniques that enhance the odds of success. (Tech Tip Reference Library comes in digital format.)

Hadik's Axioms of Trading

Learn all eleven Axioms, along with an in depth description of each, in the Tech Tip Reference Library

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Hadik’s Cycle Progression

The problem that most cycle analysts and cycle programs have is that they are constantly searching ONLY the lows or ONLY the highs for a consistent cycle. The futility of this exercise forces most…

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Turn-Key Reversal

This pattern carries much more weight if the trigger (fourth) day also closes below the third day’s low (outside day reversal) and/or the second day’s close (two closes prior). The latter of these…

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Double Key Reversal

This pattern appears commonly in the S+P — at significant turning points. One occurrence appeared in the S+P two weeks before the early-August 1997 high (and the largest correction in over 7 years…

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2-Step Reversal

There are several price patterns to which I pay special attention when they arise. Some of them, like the 2 Close Reversal, are very common and are useful to know at any point in time. Others, like…

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2 Close Reversal

This pattern is used to judge the validity of an outside-day reversal. Most outside-day reversals (a high above previous day’s high AND low below the previous day’s low) are more significant than a…

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