Our Strategy

We take a synergistic approach to trading, integrating time-tested indicators and cycles with steadfast principles.  Our goal is to pinpoint the highest quality trading opportunities where all these factors come together to provide our subscribers with valuable insights and analysis.


Principles are the backbone of our trading strategy, every time we analyze or project a move in the market, we start by looking at our core principles.


We believe that much like the Earth is influenced by daily and seasonal cycles, human nature, and by extension the markets, are influenced by similar cycles.


In addition to our principles and cycles, we’ve discovered many indicators over the years that have shown time and time again accurate predictors of what’s to come.


Trends are a powerful measurement, especially in determining what phase of a cycle the market is in, where trader’s should focus their attention, and how aggressive they should be.


We don’t believe that any one principle, cycle or indicator is the holy grail of trading, but instead, look for opportunities where multiple factors come together.


We analyze many different markets throughout our publications, including natural resources like gold and oil, currencies like the dollar and bitcoin, and stock indices like the S&P.

Getting Started

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