Refund Policy

INSIIDE Track Trading does offer a pro-rated money-back guarantee for the paid portion of any normal subscription with one stipulation**. Any bonus or free months have no cash value and are not included in any refund calculation.

For example, if someone purchases 6 months of the Weekly Re-Lay and receives the 7th month as a free bonus, they have paid for 6 months. If this subscriber cancels after 2 months, they would receive a refund for the remaining 4 paid months. The bonus month (7th month) is only awarded after the paid portion of the subscription is fulfilled (in this case, after 6 months) and therefore has no cash value and is not included in any refund calculation.

**Weekly Re-Lay subscriptions cancelled in the first two weeks or INSIIDE Track subscriptions cancelled in the first month will be assessed the 1-issue cost of an INSIIDE Track newsletter ($25.00) and the minimum cost for previous INSIIDE Track Reports and Manuals ($50.00) if those publications have already been sent.