Our Purpose

INSIIDE Track Trading is dedicated to informing, intriguing and educating (while occassionally – and in diverse ways – entertaining) individuals that are interested in the markets, in cycles or in technical analysis. Our publications approach this goal in different manners but always look to take this information to a practical and useable level.

The most diverse publication – which addresses all these aspirations – is our flagship: INSIIDE Track (see Weekly Re-Lay for specific details on our shorter-term, more ‘numbers-intensive’ and primarily trade-focused publication for more active futures & stock traders)…

INSIIDE Track is a monthly newsletter that examines the markets as well as the world in which they & we exist. Since the markets are not in a vacuum, INSIIDE Track combines technical, cyclical and corroborating fundamental analysis that pertains to them either directly or indirectly. The monthly newsletter is periodically supplemented with Special Reports, which are included in the price of the subscription.

The INSIIDE Track intra-month Update is also available to subscribers as a means of updating trades and analysis throughout each month. It is updated a minimum of three times per month.

INSIIDE Track draws from Eric S. Hadik’s 23-year career in the financial & commodity futures markets as well as his 25+ years of Biblical, cyclical and technical-indicator study. With this as the foundation, research from across the globe – spanning every millennia of recorded history – is factored into studies of the markets and of human psychology. Careful study of investment patterns throughout history are used as a backdrop for Eric’s current and future analysis.

“Biblical and natural cycles, as well as cycles of specific astronomic events (i.e. solar retrograde, Sunspot cycles, comet & meteor impacts, etc.), man-made and natural catastrophes (i.e. volcanoes, earthquakes & tsunamis which should increase in intensity in the coming years, as well as climate and extreme storm cycles), wars/conflicts (that have a major, synergetic convergence in the near future), of disease &plagues, of religious &culturaltransitionsand other pertinent events are integrated into the overall ‘big-picture’ analysis provided each month.

BUT… that is ONLY the beginning and should NEVER be taken on its own or out of context!

Eric takes all of his studies to the practical level where readers can actually utilize and benefit from these studies. Many issues of INSIIDE Track have included a Tech Tip (one of Eric’s proprietary indicators, trading principles or Axioms) that readers can integrate into their own trading strategy. These Tech Tips take the analysis to a specific and objective level where readers can use it most efficiently.

Periodically, INSIIDE Track also addresses rather esoteric subjects like Biblical prophecies that dovetail with unfolding current events. The purpose is to educate readers on how they can learn from the principles, cycles, and forecasts inherent in these prophecies and predominant throughout the Bible… and hopefully apply it in their own lives.”

One of the governing themes to our publications is that rarely will anything be discussed that cannot be brought to a practical and applicable level for our readers. We are not looking to amuse readers, but rather to educate, inform and intrigue you while hopefully inciting you to pursue similar research into subjects that will be beneficial both now and in the future.

As far as the trading strategies in any of our publications, the same principles and philosophy apply:

The goal of our trading systems is NOT to catch every move in the market, but rather to choose the highest probability, lowest perceived risk trades based on a proprietary combination of indicators. As such, specific analysis does NOT always lead to corresponding trades if a proper entry signal – with prudent risk parameters – does not present itself. These trades are aimed at traders who have learned to treat trading as a business… not simply as a source of excitement.

The goal is not to overtradebut to accurately trade!

We recognize that every trader has a different approach to the market and vastly different risk comfort levels. As a result, you are encouraged to integrate this analysis with your own trading strategy, particularly when it does not result in a specific trade recommendation.

If you are a trader focusing on only one market, keep this in mind since no claims are being made or implied that the specific system-based trades are going to capitalize on all, or even the majority, of the analysis. This is why both are provided.

When a specific trade is not in force, the weekly, monthly and intra-year trends should determine the preferred direction in which to trade (using corresponding resistance & support to trade against or use as a breakout signal). In addition, analysis & trading recommendations should be incorporated with the weekly & monthly trends.

Analysis can point to a big move in a specific market without a trade being generated by the criteria built into this particular trading program. This does not mean that a trader should not act on the analysis, only that this specific program was not able to generate a trade. In some cases, an intermediate trade might be generated while a long-term one is not. This is why it is important to understand the distinctions of the two forms of trades and choose your preference accordingly.

All trading is a calculation of reward versus risk. (Believe it or not, almost every decision you make in life involves some facet of the same calculation, e.g. “Is the potential reward of sharing this innovative idea greater than the risk of embarrassment if it is misunderstood or proven to be ludicrous?”. etc.) In most cases, the one is proportional to the other. If you are looking to only risk $500 on a specific trade, it is likely to be a trade with profit potential of $1,000-$2,000.

As a result, a trade with that type of risk will be exited in that general area – assuming it has been successful and followed expectations – unless it immediately enters a parabolic move and escalates into an intermediate trade (about 1 out of 10).

This does not mean that the trade is immediately exited when it reaches that level but rather is a reflection of the criteria built into this particular trading methodology. If it enables you to enter a trade with that small of risk, it is likely to be exited much quicker and with much less adverse action than is required to hold on to a big mover.

Futures & options trades that are recommended in INSIIDE TRACK should be viewed as longer-term and involving a greater amount of risk capital than short-term trades (given in the Weekly Re-Lay ), since they are aiming to capitalize on larger moves in the respective markets. I.T. trades should also be viewed as distinct from Weekly Re-Lay trades.

Finally, many subscribers tell me they use this information and the timing work to apply to their various investments, so it appears to be far more diverse than just its futures focus. I hope you, too, can find the niche in your trading approach for which INSIIDE Track was designed.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Futures trading involves substantial risk.