Cycle Synergy II

In late-March ’20, a powerful combination of multi-year cycle lows & multi-month buy signals was triggered - in markets ranging from stocks & silver to lumber & copper - as INSIIDE Track began detailing expectations for a major surge in commodity inflation that should last into 3Q ’22… and a MAJOR,…

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Cycle Synergy

What is the Most Important Principle in Trading? SYNERGY! The principle of multiple factors - cycles, indicators, etc. - converging while providing very similar conclusions. After all, as Solomon observed: “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” In early-Feb. ’20, a remarkable…

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4-Shadow Signal

A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Stock Market Sell Signals? That is how the action of Feb. 7 - 14, 2020 was described in INSIIDE Track Publications - warning of a ‘terminating uptrend’ that would trigger the largest decline in years, from mid-Feb. into late-March ’20. How could the outlook be that precise?…

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Fractals & Elliott Wave

Fractals and Elliott Wave continue to provide prescient guidance to the movement in Gold and precious metals, as well as many other markets. They helped pinpoint decisive moves in recent years and reveal what to expect in 2019 - 2021, with Gold surges projected for Jan. & Feb. ’20 - leading into a…

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A polygraph machine drawing lines on graph paper.

Trading Intro

Our approach to trading - and what we believe is the best way to approach trading - is as a business. Just as building a successful business demands a disciplined, steady approach, so too does building a successful trading program. Looking for excitement, 'rolling the dice' & trying to 'win the…

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A sheet of paper lists several business transactions.

A Trading Perspective

The key to successful trading lies not in specific indicators, but rather in when, how, and where they are used. Indicators are nothing more than tools... and no single tool will accomplish every task you encounter. You have probably encountered many approaches to trading and a plethora of…

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A digital stock exchange panel lists several stocks along with related metrics.

Trading with Cycles

As this site attempts to convey, there is an undeniable cyclicality to life… and to the markets… and to the economy… and to droughts & floods… and to geopolitical struggles… and to earthquakes & volcanoes… and to manias & crashes, etc.  There is a time – and a cycle – to everything. What does the…

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An old-fashioned roman numeral clock with the hour hand lying between 9 and 10.

Cycles Intro

In order to prevent a misunderstanding of cycles – or at least our approach to cycle analysis – it is good to start out with a quick summation of what cycles are NOT... They are NOT perfect. They are NOT an investment or trading strategy, in and of themselves. They are NOT a stand-alone tool. They…

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Graph showcasing the 21 High & 21 Low MAC for Comex Gold.

21 MAC/21 MARC

In early-June ’19, Gold triggered a bullish breakout signal that projected an accelerated advance to follow. What led to that conclusion? A critical indicator in that analysis was the weekly 21 MAC and 21 MARC. One of the premier ways to utilize the 21 MARC & 21 MAC together is to look for times…

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Hadik’s Cycle Progression

The problem that most cycle analysts and cycle programs have is that they are constantly searching ONLY the lows or ONLY the highs for a consistent cycle. The futility of this exercise forces most novice “cyclists” to give up in desperation. Cycles are a dynamic entity -- they keep progressing and…

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Turn-Key Reversal

This pattern carries much more weight if the trigger (fourth) day also closes below the third day’s low (outside day reversal) and/or the second day’s close (two closes prior). The latter of these filters — closing below the close of two days prior — leads into a very effective short-term……

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Double Key Reversal

This pattern appears commonly in the S+P — at significant turning points. One occurrence appeared in the S+P two weeks before the early-August 1997 high (and the largest correction in over 7 years that followed this pattern). It also occurred in early 1997 in the Silver market and identified a…

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