Hadik’s Cycle Progression

Think of cycles as unfolding in the following 8-count explanation of Hadik’s Cycle Progression™…

  1. Low-Low (0 — (2) wave low)
  2. Low-Low ( (2) — 2 of (2) low
  3. Low-High (2 low — (3) high)
  4. High-High (3) high — (5) high)
  5. High-High (5) high — B high)
  6. High-High (B high — 2 of C high)
  7. High-Low (2 of C high — 3 of C low)
  8. Low-Low (3 of C low — 5 of C low)

At this point, the sequence begins anew (C wave = 0).

The problem that most cycle analysts and cycle programs have is that they are constantly searching ONLY the lows or ONLY the highs for a consistent cycle. The futility of this exercise forces most novice “cyclists” to give up in desperation. Cycles are a dynamic entity — they keep progressing and changing (direction–not amplitude). This disguise is what throws most cycle observers off track and forces most technicians to conclude that cycles are ambiguous, inconsistent and worthless.

This single point–and the grasping of it… or lack thereof… is the largest determinant in how traders view cycles. Those looking for a ‘static world’ scenario become quickly disillusioned with the apparent imperfect nature of cycles. Those understanding the true nature of cycles will have a much easier time grasping them… and using them effectively.

Additional details & diagrams can be found in Eric Hadik’s Tech Tip Reference Library