The Weekly Re-Lay

Stay ahead of the markets with cutting-edge technical & cyclical analysis and trading strategies. The Weekly Re-Lay is a publication designed for serious traders – incorporating short & intermediate term outlooks while providing the opportunity to enhance your understanding of, and approach to, the markets.

Global Impact

Learn the global impact of various cycles and natural disasters, such as Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Famine, and more.

Future Protection

Find out which cycles might affect the markets so you can protect your money.

Societal Behavior

Everything is cyclical, even human behavior. Certain issues of INSIIDE Track Reports dive deep into the nature of humans and how society runs.

Global Impact

Learn the global impact of various cycles and natural disasters, such as Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Famine, and more.

What is it?

The Weekly Re-Lay advisory service provides technical & cyclical analysis on the financial & commodity markets, including precious metals, equity indexes & energy markets. It is published & emailed weekly and supplemented with intra-week Alerts, structured for more active traders. Offering 1 – 5 day and 1 – 4 week analysis, outlooks & trading strategies – as well as educational insights on how to utilize unique indicators – this publication is utilized by traders in futures, options, stocks, ETFs, treasuries, currencies, precious metals, Forex, oil trading and a host of other investment vehicles.

Who should subscribe?

The Weekly Re-Lay is designed for more active traders, offering 1 – 5 day and 1 – 4 week analysis, outlooks and trading strategies. It is structured to be both informational and educational, allowing traders to learn and internalize proven technical indicators that have stood the test of time.

When is it published?

INSIIDE Track Reports are intended for anyone with an interest in the markets, geopolitical stuff, or natural cycles woohoo!

Try for yourself.

A white sheet of paper contains a chart with numbers and percentages representing changes in different stocks.

40YC – Stocks

Learn how the 40 year cycle impacts stocks.

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A gold coin representing a bitcoin sits atop a pile of U.S. 100 dollar bills

40YC Currency War

Learn about the 40 year cycle of currency wars.

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The flag of Israel set in front of a sun rise over the desert.

Middle East Cycles

Learn about the cycles of the Middle East.

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The Weekly Re-Lay is only available with our similarly named subscription plan: The Weekly Re-Lay.

The Weekly Re-Lay

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