Hadik's Cycle Progression

Month: July 2018In Tech TipsThink of cycles as unfolding in the following 8-count explanation of Hadik’s Cycle Progression™… Low-Low (0 — (2) wave low) Low-Low ( (2) — 2 of (2) low Low-High (2 low — (3) high) High-High (3) high — (5) high) High-High (5) high — B high) High-High (B high — 2 of C high) High-Low (2 of C high — 3 of C low)…

Turn-Key Reversal

Month: July 2018In Tech TipsThe Turn-Key Reversal is different from a Double Key Reversal in that it is a key reversal reversing a key reversal that has reversed a previous key reversal (up-down-up or down-up-down). Assume an uptrend and an initial downward reversal for the current discussion. Crucial Turns The Turn-Key Reversal carries much more weight if the fourth day also closes below (above)…

Double Key Reversal

Month: July 2018In Tech TipsThe Double Key is a pattern that appears commonly in the S+P – at significant turning points. One occurrence appeared in the S+P, two weeks before the early-August 1997 high (and the largest correction in over 7 years that followed this pattern). Another example occurred in early-1997, in the Silver market, and identified a critical low in mid-January. Double the…

2-Step Reversal

Month: July 2018In Tech TipsThere are several price patterns to which I pay special attention when they arise. Some of them, like the 2 Close Reversal, are pretty common and provide useful guidance at any point in time. Others appear with far less frequency but are extremely effective when they do. A patient trader, or one who is only looking to trade a few times a year, might choose to simply…

2 Close Reversal

Month: July 2018In Tech TipsThe 2 Close Reversal is a type of key reversal. The primary difference is the confirmation point provided by the second close prior. A key reversal (Figures 1 + 2) is the most basic of reversal patterns and involves a market trading higher than the previous day’s high (intraday) and then closing below the close of the previous day OR trading below the low of the…

A gold coin representing a bitcoin sits atop a pile of U.S. 100 dollar bills

40YC Currency War

Currency Wars & Cryptos Currency Wars & Cryptos II Currency Wars & Cryptos III Currency Wars & Cryptos IV Currency Wars & Cryptos V Gold & Currency Wars: 2019 – 2021 Currency Wars – 40YC Culmination Currency Wars – 40YC Culmination… & Bubble 40YC – 2022 Shift 40YC – Outlook 2022-’23 40YC – New Currency War Begins 40YC…

The flag of Israel set in front of a sun rise over the desert.

Middle East Cycles

Middle East War Cycles in Late-2023 Kingdom of Jerusalem Kingdom of Jerusalem II Kingdom of Jerusalem III Kingdom of Jerusalem IV Kingdom of Jerusalem V Kingdom of Jerusalem VI Kingdom of Jerusalem VII Kingdom of Jerusalem VIII Focus 5768 Focus 5768 II Focus 5768 – CCC Focus 5768 – CCC II Focus 5768 – Oil 17-Year Cycle: Russell 2000 & Range Trading

Gold & Middle East

Middle East War Cycles in Late-2023 40YC – GaME Changer 2018-2019 70YC – GaME Changer 2017 – 2019 70YC – GaME Changer 2017 – 2019 II 70YC – GaME Changer 2017 – 2019 III 70YC – GaME Changer 2017 – 2018 Gold & Middle East – 11YC in 2019/2020 Gold & Middle East – 11YC in 2019/2020 II Gold & Middle East – 11YC in…

A volcano erupts in front of a black sky.

Earth Disturbance Cycles

Earth in Transition Earth in Transition 3+3 Earth in Transition 3+3 II Earth in Transition 3+3 III Earth in Transition 3+3 IV Earth in Transition 3+3 V Earth in Transition 3+3 VI Earth in Transition A.B.C. (Iran) January 2010 IT February 2010 IT March 2010: Sunspot/Volcano Cycles February 2011: Japan EQ Cycles 40YC – Solar, Seismic & Gold Cycles

The sun sets over an ocean.

Date with Destiny

Destiny 2011: A.G.E to A.G.E Destiny 2011: A.G.E to A.G.E II Destiny 2011: A.G.E Regression