Uncertainty continues to grow in the markets. Moves that used to take months, now take days. New opportunities are emerging faster than ever before. The need for reliable market analysis and strategies has never been so important.

Our Strategy

We take a synergistic approach to trading, integrating time-tested indicators and cycles with steadfast principles. Our goal is to pinpoint the highest quality trading opportunities where all these factors come together to provide our subscribers with valuable insights and analysis.

Cycles In Action

Real-Time Practical Application of Cycle Analysis

War Cycles

In 1998 - mid-2001, in his INSIIDE Track newsletter and related Cycle of Time reports, Eric Hadik published detailed analysis on the impending transition of a MAJOR 360-Year Cycle of civilization that had a strong connection to the Middle East and was forecast to time an attack and/or war in September 2001 as evidence of this societal shift.

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Disease Cycles

From 2006 into 2019, Eric Hadik published cycle analysis that - according to his interpretation - was projecting major disease/viral outbreaks in 2009 and then in 2019. It began with INSIIDE Track analysis in 2006 - 2009 that forecast a major epidemic for 2009 (see below), which was fulfilled with the outbreak of Swine Flu (H1N1).

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Drought to Deluge Cycles

Flood cycles were forecast to return to California & the US in 2022/23 as part of a dramatic shift in the natural (and geopolitical) world. That followed the culmination of a host of 40-Year Cycles in 2021 – linked to everything from currency wars to military ones and from geophysical to d stability – and the transition of other cycles immediately after.

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Natural Gas Cycles

Throughout 2019, INSIIDE Track explained why Natural Gas should set a MAJOR, multi-year bottom in late-2019/early-2020 – between 1.60 – 2.00/NG – and then surge into 2Q/3Q 2022… and to specific upside targets near 8.00/NG and ultimately 10 – 11.0/NG.

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Gold Cycles

October 2022 through early-January 2023 and early-March through early-May 2023 produced two more examples of the Trading Golden Rule - ‘Buy Low (near cycle lows) and Sell High (near cycle peaks)’.  A third example is forecast for 4Q 2023… with more opportunities expected in 2024.

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Interest Rate Cycles

In INSIIDE Track, Eric Hadik repeatedly explained - since long before 2020 and the outbreak of Covid-19 - why the 2020’s would be a dramatically different situation for interest rates and why it would ultimately (in the mid-2020’s and beyond) have a lot to do with the US Dollar.

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What We Offer

INSIIDE Track Trading provides market analysis and education, assisting traders in gaining a more complete understanding of the markets and the forces that drive them. We provide you with detailed analysis of dozens of key markets & corresponding trading strategies – informing AND educating traders on the use of powerful trading indicators and cycles. Here are some of our offerings:

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  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Financial/Geopolitical Analysis
  • Multi-Year Cycles & Trends
  • Technical Indicator Tutorials
  • Domestic/Global Perspective
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  • Weekly Publication
  • Intra-week Alerts
  • Daily/Weekly Trend Signals
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  • The Bridge Publications*
  • Tech Tip Reference Library*
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  • 100-Page Trading Manual
  • 30+ Technical Indicators
  • Proprietary Cycle Approach
  • Crucial Axioms of Trading
  • Cycle Progression Revealed

Featured in Breakthrough Strategies of Wall Street Traders

In early-2016, Eric Hadik was interviewed for a book on specific trading disciplines and strategies used by successful traders.  That book – Breakthrough Strategies of Wall Street Traders – was published soon after and often compared to ‘Market Wizards’.  While discussing his approach to trading the markets, Eric explained why 2016 should be the first new surge in Gold – part of an overall advance that would last into late-2020 before a 2 – 3 year top would take hold.  Gold followed that ‘roadmap’ with uncanny precision and set the stage for what is expected in the 2020s.

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Synergy Projects Silver Surge

From May - Sept ’23, the outlook for Gold & Silver has been a prolonged corrective phase followed by a sharp multi-week surge in October 2023. Multiple indicators & cycles have projected the same…

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21 & 40 MACs Pinpoint Stock Peak

From March - July ’23, the Russell 2000 was projected to rally back to/above 2000/RT before a multi-month peak would become likely in equity markets. In July ‘23, cycles & timing indicators…

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Range Targets & LHRs

In mid-March ’23, the synergy of multiple indicators & cycles set the stage for a multi-month low in the NQ-100 (and other stock indexes) and quickly led to decisive multi-week/multi-month buy…

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