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Advanced market analysis

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The Weekly Re-Lay advisory service provides technical & cyclical analysis on the financial & commodity markets, as well as related indexes. It is published & emailed weekly and supplemented with intra-week Alerts, structured for more active traders. Offering 1 - 5 day and 1 - 4 week analysis, outlooks & trading strategies - this publication is utilized by traders in futures, options, stocks, ETFs, treasuries, currencies, precious metals and a host of other investment vehicles.


The futures we focus on

In-depth analysis of each

More than just those markets

Metals, Grains and Energy

  • Platinum
  • Unleaded Gas
  • Corn
  • Heating Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Copper
  • Palladium
  • Wheat

Special Situations Markets

  • Live Cattle
  • Lumber
  • Sugar
  • Cotton
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Lean Hogs

Intra Week Alerts

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In addition to the weekly publication, you will also receive at least one intra-week Alert during the ensuing week. These Alerts update readers on the daily & weekly trends in the market, highlight any expected shifts about to take place and review any trigger signals that may have taken place between the week’s open and the publication of that Alert. They also elaborate on what is expected during the remainder of that week.


Comes with the full suite

Every subscription to The Weekly Re-Lay comes with a free copy of Eric Hadik's Tech Tip Reference Library ($149 value), copies of pertinent reports, and a free corresponding subscription to the INSIIDE Track Newsletter with Intra-month Updates ($49/month value)

Save over $200

The Weekly Re-Lay

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  • Weekly Publication
  • Intra-week Alerts
  • Daily/Weekly Trend Signals
  • Daily/Weekly Cycles/R+S


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