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We provide you with detailed analysis of the markets & corresponding trading strategies - informing AND educating traders on the use of powerful trading indicators. To foster a greater understanding of what drives the markets, Eric Hadik integrates diverse forms of technical, cyclical & fundamental analysis providing a more comprehensive perspective on trading. He guides traders on how & when to utilize specific trading tools - teaching users ‘to fish’ while ALSO providing readers with ‘lots of fish’.

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Double Key Reversal

This pattern appears commonly in the S+P — at significant turning points. One occurrence appeared in the S+P two weeks before the early-August 1997 high (and the largest correction in over 7 years that followed this pattern). It also occurred in early 1997 in the Silver market and identified a critical low in mid-January.

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2-Step Reversal

There are several price patterns to which I pay special attention when they arise. Some of them, like the <em>2 Close Reversal</em>, are very common and are useful to know at any point in time. Others, like the topic of this discussion, appear with far less frequency even though they are extremely effective when they do appear.

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