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We provide you with detailed analysis of the markets & corresponding trading strategies - informing AND educating traders on the use of powerful trading indicators. To foster a greater understanding of what drives the markets, Eric Hadik integrates diverse forms of technical, cyclical & fundamental analysis providing a more comprehensive perspective on trading. He guides traders on how & when to utilize specific trading tools - teaching users ‘to fish’ while ALSO providing readers with ‘lots of fish’.

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Turn-Key Reversal

This pattern carries much more weight if the trigger (fourth) day also closes below the third day’s low (outside day reversal) and/or the second day’s close (two closes prior). The latter of these filters — closing below the close of two days prior — leads into a very effective short-term pattern.

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Hadik's Cycle Progression

The problem that most cycle analysts and cycle programs have is that they are constantly searching ONLY the lows or ONLY the highs for a consistent cycle. The futility of this exercise forces most novice “cyclists” to give up in desperation

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